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Western NY Farm Shoe, Erie County Fair Grounds Feb. 4-6, 20116
Central NY Farm Show, State Fair Grounds, Feb. 25-27, 2016
Empire Farm Days, Seneca Falls, August 9-11, 2016
NYS Fair, Syracuse, August 25 - September 4, 2016


       The New York State Grange was founded in 1873. There are more than 175 local Granges in New York State with a total membership of over 5,000. The State Grange has members serving on many state committees. The State Soil and Water Conservation Committee, the Council of Agricultural Organizations, the Rural Schools Association are a few. The State Grange meets each year in October to set legislative policy and legislative agenda.  

          The Grange is primarily found in rural communities, however some may be found within the limits of the State’s cities. We are advocates for responsible government at all levels. We are a family organization emphasizing strong family ties as a basis for a healthy society. As a fraternal organization we feel that a strong community is based on developing a friendly positive relationship among its citizens. Helpful cooperation between members of a community makes it self-sufficient and prosperous. A community where citizens know each other and communicate on a regular basis will run smoothly and work for the total benefit of the community as a whole 

          Membership in the Grange organization is available to anyone who is interested in community betterment. The Grange began as an agricultural organization at a time when agriculture was the primary occupation of rural citizens. Today the Grange still closely mirrors the makeup of our rural communities, regardless of their makeup, maintaining the commitment to improve them collectively, as well of the lives of its individual members. Agriculture is still important to the Grange and its members know that the economic welfare of rural communities is still strongly influenced by the economic stability of agriculture.



144th. Annual NYS Grange Session, Best Western Soverign Hotel, Albany, NY, October 21-25, 2016

2016 New York State Grange Officers

President   Stephen Coye   Albany
Vice President  

Gerald Batsford

Lecturer   Carolyn "Kay" Bailey   Wayne
Steward   Richard Wilcox   Livingston
Assistant Steward   Matthew Shoop   Albany
Lady Assistant Steward     Sarah Barber   Columbia

Virginia Conner

Treasurer     Kenneth Smith   Deleware
Secretary   Roger Halbert   Otsego
Gatekeeper   Allen Henderson   Onondaga

Sandra Green

Pomona   Diane Adams   Ontario
Ceres   Viola Horton   Steuben
Executive Committee   Alice Grimsley   Rensselaer
Executive Committee  

Roland Shea, Sr.

Executive Committee   Richard Church   Tompkins
Executive Committee   Bruce Croucher   Ontario
Pianist   Irene Fassett    Otsego






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